Zatoka beaches

As you know, Zatoka is a tourist center for both Ukrainians and residents of neighboring countries. If during the cold seasons it is a common place by the sea in the Odessa region, then in the summer season, Zatoka becomes the epicenter of a beach holiday, where everyone can find not only leisure to their liking, but also a beach.

Everyone has different preferences, someone loves wild sandy beaches, someone comfortable comfort, some prefer to lie on a sun lounger, while others prefer to warm bones on the golden sand. And here there is a place for everyone. We decided to collect a list of the most popular beaches according to guest reviews to share with you.

Overview of the beaches in Zatoka

Regular guests of the resort know that Zatoka is conventionally divided into four districts: Limansky, Central, Solnechny and Budakskaya spit. The beaches of the resort are mostly sandy. And hotels and recreation centers are located on the first line and stretch along the coast. Walking to the beach is not long, so if you want to take a nap at lunchtime after sun and sea baths - 5-10 minutes and you relax in your room. The beaches in all areas are free.

And the entrance to the sea is shallow and sandy, so there is no need to fear for children, there is no sharp depth on the coastline, which professional swimmers and divers complain about. True, each beach is distinguished by some peculiarities, be it their width, the presence of developed infrastructure, or a cluster of jellyfish. We will talk about this in detail, exploring each of the areas.

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