Aquapark Zatoka

After lying down on the beach, having eaten sweet corn and other seafood, satiated with swimming in the sea and estuary, I want to diversify my vacation with other entertainments. And if you want the memory of the bright summer to warm you for another whole year, then you should pay attention to the entertainment complex in the south of Ukraine - Zatoka Water Park.

Aquapark Zatoka It is located fifty kilometers from the city of Odessa, comfortably located between the sea and the Dniester estuary. It is not just a swimming pool, it is a large modern water entertainment complex with an area of over 50,000 square meters.

This is a place where there is something to do for both children and adults. And everyone can find entertainment to their liking. Taking into account different interests, the water park is conveniently divided into zones:

  • territory for kids - aqua-town, swimming pool, entertainment program of animators;
  • entertainment for teenagers and adults - slides "Free Flight", "Fun Tube", "Rafting", "Spider Slide", and many others
  • slides for those who like to tickle the nerves with extreme sports.

Zone for children in Aquapark Zatoka

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