Train Odessa - Zatoka

Zatoka is one of the best resort villages on the Black Sea coast, known not only in Ukraine, but also in neighboring countries. This is a place where rest is so diverse that everyone can spend their leisure time satisfying their appetite with sea baths, a full portion of vitamin D, chocolate tanning and other pleasant activities and entertainment, which can be read in more detail here.

In general, Zatoka is a popular place, people come here for vivid emotions and impressions, for quality rest on golden beaches and other local activities of a seaside resort village.

How to get to Zatoka?

Train Odessa - Zatoka By train you can get to Zatoka from cities such as Minsk, Lvov, Kharkov, Odessa, Kiev. But we must remember that there are no direct messages from Minsk, Kharkov and Lvov. The best way to get to Zatoka is from Odessa. You can choose the train or bus. If you are traveling by train, then the first option is much more convenient because the train departs from the Odessa - Holovnaya station, where your train arrives.

The inflow is conveniently distributed to areas connected by roads and railways. And wherever you are resting, any station can be easily reached by train. On each of them you can find a large number of hotels, private houses, resort entertainment, restaurants and discos. But there are the most popular stations with the most developed infrastructure, there is a large selection of places to stay, a range of prices and conditions.

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