Hotel in Zatoka with a private beach

Hotel in Zatoka with a private beachSummer holidays at the resort in Zatoka are becoming more and more popular every year. Especially in these times, when the borders are still closed, and the soul asks to travel to the beach with golden sand and sea breezes.

Zatoka has always attracted tourists from Ukraine and neighboring countries with its unique location. 

The sea is clean, on the other side of the spit there is a freshwater Dniester estuary, the sand beckons with its golden hue. In addition, the rapidly developing infrastructure makes the vacation even more comfortable for guests, each of whom can choose a vacation according to their interests.

The village is divided into three territorial areas, along which are scattered many recreation centers, hotels and hotels offering excellent service. Most hotels can offer you comfortable rooms with sea views, air conditioning and meals included in the hotel restaurant.

Many have their own pool, with a comfortably ennobled area, where you can sit comfortably on a sun lounger under an umbrella, sipping a cool cocktail, read a long-coveted book, take a nap, work at your laptop or watch your favorite TV series, while getting a good portion of vitamin D.

Oh, yes, almost every hotel has free Wi-Fi, the service is well established, so if you have any questions, you can always ask for help at the reception of your hotel.

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