The Budak Spit

Budakska spit is one of the most wonderful and malovnichny midships in the middle of the beaches in Bilgorod-Dnistrovsky district. Vona stretched for 18 km along the coast of the Black Sea, and the width varies from 60 to 200 m. The coastline is covered with a different golden sand and a garden towards the estuary with a natural fence of tall grasses and outlines, so that the beach is more robust. I’ll look at those who are fewer tourists here, so it’s not easy, and here you can really see nature.

Uzdovzh Kosi rozsipalsya base for repair and hotels, sanatoriums and recreational centers. In the regions of Zatoka and right up to Sergiyivka, tourism is growing. In these regions, to love the hospitality of guests to the resort, as well as the skin's rock, the infrastructure is developing here and everything that is necessary for a good summer holiday. 

The beaches are covered with sun loungers and charts, supermarkets within easy reach, markets and souvenir shops, cafes and restaurants, bars and clubs, amusement parks, as well as hotels with wet beaches and swimming pools. The beaches are good, in especially popular areas, they regularly clean up and ask for the sand. Nykrashі hotels, rozstashuyutsya on the first and other lines. 

The private sector is often located on the other side, which is also close to the sea Uzbek. The bases of the hotels were stretched along the offense of the previous street. Vibir is worth mіzh sea views abo estuary.

Warm up for a hot season

Yak vіdomo, the hot season on Budakskiy kosі will start in worms, and end in serpents. Grass and spring are the best for a relaxing trip to the beaches, along the lower, sleepy walkways. Some of the reasons for allowing them may not be skinny, because they fall in the summer months, if the children go to schools, and the fathers decide to allow them to go to the sea towards the sea.

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