Active rest in Zatoka

Many tourists, choosing a vacation in Zatoka, are worried that apart from a passive vacation on the beach, nothing will shine for them. But this is not at all the case. Rest in Zatoka is very diverse. And enough, warming up the bones on the beach, swimming in the salty sea and getting the first layer of chocolate tan, you can safely go in search of adventure, since there are a lot of them here and every vacationer will find leisure time to their liking. It is worth shaking your head lying on the golden sand and you will already find a lot of activities - from trampolines, inflatable slides, beach volleyball courts to extreme water activities.

For those who do not see the joy in passive relaxation and are always looking for adventure, there is a water station where you will be offered to ride a bun, banana, or rent a scooter to cut the waves of the Black Sea. Believe me, an adrenaline rush is guaranteed for you.

If you want to enjoy a bird's eye view, choose a hang glider or parachute. You will get a lot of positive emotions and will be able to enjoy the amazing landscape of the picturesque area. For lovers of quieter activities at the station there is a rental of catamarans and water bikes with a slide.

Active rest in Zatoka for adults and children

Do not forget that rest in Zatoka is not limited only to sea adventures. Indeed, on the other side of the spit, the Dniester estuary is widespread, which invites you to take part in a boat trip. Here they offer from a simple walk along the spit to the rental of fishing equipment, with all the adventures that it implies. All the catch is provided to you and in the evening you can cook delicious fish soup or bake fish on the grill.

Also for sports lovers in Zatoka there are several stations equipped with high-quality equipment for teaching windsurfing. Between the Dniester estuary and the Black Sea, on a thin strip of land, called a "bottleneck", there is a windsurfing school "ULET", with a team of professional instructors who will teach both a child and an adult, both a professional and a beginner. Many athletes and windsurfing enthusiasts come to the station, and the unique location of the school creates a favorable wind flow, which contributes to high-quality teaching and sports.

The price depends on which sailboat you choose and whether you need an instructor for training. But learning a new sport will give you an unforgettable experience and help you develop a new skill. You will be able to master not only a new sport, but also the ability to control the body and be sensitive to changing circumstances under the guise of the wind.

For a more relaxing time, you can hire a glanders instructor. It is also a fashionable trend recently, which helps to learn balance and control of your own body on the board. Some stations even carry out yoga on sapas, but you need to find out about this at the equipment rental point.

There is no need to worry about safety, you are watched by a team of rescuers who are always ready to help. By the way, regarding public events, the ULET school periodically organizes concerts, friendly meetings, and here you can often meet show business stars.

After all, the school is popular not only among windsurfing fans in Ukraine, but also abroad. If the rest on the seashore and estuary is already pretty boring, we recommend that you brighten up the routine of your vacation with thrills and go to the Zatoka Water Park.

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