Attractions of Zatoka

If you want to gain strength and be filled with impressions during your summer vacation, go to Zatoka. This small, but cozy and picturesque village is located on the Black Sea coast and is rightfully called a pearl. This place is considered one of the warmest resorts on the coast. The main attraction of both Zatoka and Karolino - Bugaz is the Budak Spit, which stretches for 20 kilometers of golden sandy beaches in length, and in width in different places varies from 1 to 60 kilometers.

The golden beaches of Zatoka start from Karolino-Bugaz to Sergeevka. The resort is located at a distance of 50 km from Odessa. The most popular resort areas are Karolino-Bugaz, Limanskaya, Druzhba, Morskaya, Solnechnaya and Budakskaya spit.

You can safely go to Zatoka from May to September, although the locals, taking advantage of the changeable climate, come here in April and even October, when the tourist season is not so high, but the sea is still warm, and the sun still warmly warmly and gives a silky tan.

An important fact that adds popularity to the resort of Zatoka is not only the sea and sandy beaches, but also the Dniester estuary, separated by a spit from the Black Sea. So on the one hand, you can swim in the sea, and after walking some 900 meters - in the estuary, fully experiencing the difference between fresh and salt waters. Here really anyone can find a place to relax to their liking.

Until recently, Zatoka was an ordinary picturesque village, with wild beaches, lack of roads and infrastructure. Today this place is one of the most popular resorts in Ukraine, where people from neighboring countries come to rest.

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