Zatoka water temperature

Over the past few years, Zatoka has become one of the most popular resorts on the Black Sea coast. Not only Ukrainians come here, but also guests from neighboring countries. Zatoka is located 60 km from Odessa and occupies a unique location.

On the one hand, it is washed by the fresh waters of the Dniester estuary, on the other, by the coastal zone of the Black Sea. The temperature of the water is influenced, of course, by the weather. And each month has its own advantages of rest in Zatoka.

Since Zatoka is located far from the city and there are no operating enterprises that affect the environment nearby, nature in this area is generous - the air and sea are definitely cleaner than in the city. There are also no sharp seashells here, and jellyfish come here very rarely.

The reason for this is the low concentration of salt due to the mixing of water with fresh water from the estuary, as well as the influence of the hydrogen sulfide content in the water.

The sea here does not have abrupt transitions to depth, a long stretch of shallow water makes professional swimmers very angry, but pleases parents who have come on vacation with their children, who can splash safely. In general, the water is calm in summer, but there are waves.

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